Version History

Release Notes iOS/Android Mobile Version

1.3 October 2023
  • Bug Fixes 

    • Support for serving data without WiFi – internal IP address to serve data to another app on the same End User Android Device (Sere data to a game engine app or to ATAK app or another mapping app)
    • 3D & Game Engine Support
    • Serving OGC 3DTILES (3D Buildings, 3D Point Clouds, 3D Features) for Cesium and Cesium Game Engines (from zip archive or 3TZ archive)
    • Serving Raster map tiles as OSGEO TMS-Tile Map Service with tileset.xml for Cesium Game Engine Compatibility (from MBTILES and GPKG)Serving Quantized Mesh Terrain Tiles for Cesium and Cesium Game Engine (from MBTILES)
1.2 July 2023 -Android
  • Geopackage Vector Features as Dynamic PNG Raster Tiles with symbology/styling
  • GeoPackage Vector Features as OGC API Features searchable/Querable endpoint and return GeoJSON
  • Vector Tiles to Raster Tiles (and hybrid satellite and topo-terrain and other compositing multiple layers) Rendering of a BBOX and Min/Max Zoom Range
  • 3D Map View with 3D Terrain and 3D Buildings (3DTILES and GLB 3D Models and 3D Geospatial data from KML, CZML, GeoJSON)
  • Fixes for /atak and tile.xml endpoint for integration with iTAK, ATAK, WINTAK, MCH and other apps
  • Serve map catalogs (JSON) with catalog builder for 2D Map and 3D Map
  • Updates to Discover webpage
1.1 December 2021 -Android

Bug Fixes and Updates

Latest Android support

Fix URL’s with .mbtiles and .gpkg

Fixes to WMTS URL

New Features:

More details of metadata table in Tile Details

TileJSON is clickable and sharable

New XML URL for ATAK/WINTAK app compatibility

Many improvements and updates to /map endpoint

New data_distribution endpoint for downloading full files

New COG support for serving Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF Raster Imagery

1.0 November 2019 Initial Release iOS and Android

Initial Full-featured release

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