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Portable Tile Server

Portable Tile Server has an included fast and dynamic MapViewer and that map viewer is available in the app as well as via a URL


Another Innovative app by: 

Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC


Serve data to multiple devices

Raster, Vector, Elevation, Other Types any  Tiles

size can be 256×256 or 512×512 or 1024×1024

Integrated Map Viewer

Launch Browser in nearby tablet, laptop or desktop and you’ve got map


Embedded manual

App includes a manual

Server other static web page content

The app can also serve other static content

Portable Tile Server

is an app (Android and Windows) that serves map tiles (in standard Google XYZ or OGC WMTS) to nearby mobile devices or laptops.

Portable Tile Server

Serving Map Tiles to nearby mapping clients/apps and has integrated map viewer accessible via a remote URL.

Offers Google XYZ (http://ipaddress:portnumber/datasetname/z/x/y.png) and OGC WMTS (with getcapabilities and gettile) Tile Services.

Servers Folder of XYZ Tiles, SQLite Databases (MBTILES and GPKG) – Raster Tiles (PNG, JPG, WebP) and Vector Tiles (PBF) and Elevation as PNG and Terrain Tiles as .Terrain

TileJSON response for each dataset. All datasets are discoverable via a listing page.
Ready for Disconnected Limited Availability Environments! Load data onto the device serve nearby devices.
Supports 3-8 devices depending on the specifications of your device and how much zooming and panning is occurring.
Plans include Open Street Map Vector Tiles, Contour Lines and Raster Hillshade with custom style sheets.Future integration with our GeoData Converter SaaS app and performing raster tiling and area of interest tile cutting of existing datasets and from online tile servers.

Tile Server on your phone or tablet

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