Serve MBTILES – Raster Tiles, Vector Tiles, Terrain Tiles x x x
Serve MBTILES – Quantized Mesh.TERRAIN with tileset.json and headers for compatibility with Cesium x
Serve GPKG – Raster Tiles (3857) x
XYZ with tile.json and OGC WMTS Tile Endpoints x x x
TMS Tile Endpoint x
GPKG – GeoPackage -Vector Features as Dynamic Raster Tiles x
Vector Tiles to Raster Tiles Dynamic Rendering & ability to cache x
Vector Tiles to Raster Tiles Cached Only x
3D Map Viewer with Terrain and 3D Buildings x x
2D Map Viewer with tools and widgets and Editing x x x
Catalog JSON Data Serving for publishing maps x x
Discover Web Page to find URLs x x x
API Friendly Endpoints /Services /file_list /data_distribution x x x
Pre-Staged Data by Region, Country, US States, Canadian Provinces x
OGC API Features from GeoPackage Vector Features x
Serving Static GIS Files like GeoJSON, KML, GPX, CSV, etc x x x
Serving 3DTILES archives .3TZ and .3DTILES x
Serving Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) as HTTP URL x x
3D Model Converter and serving GLB/GLTF 3D Models x
ATAK Endpoint zip file and Tile.XML x x


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