Initial Release 1.0.0

Initial Release of Talking Map App iOS

includes powerful NGA Foreign GeoNames offline data with 

advanced search parameters and optimized display through vector tiles and toggle on/off by Feature Class. 

 OSM Vector Tile Basemap with stylesheets

Audio Recordings of each GeoNames entry.  

Display of GeoNames data in optimized way with scaling/zoom levels

Bearing and Distance Calculations

Attribute Grid/Table with playback and filtering

Advanced Responsive Map Display with Display of Latitude, Longitude, GARS and MGRS and Map Scale Bar

Map Freely rotates, Displays Geolocation, Can follow user

Measure linear distance and Area

Go To Coordinate Search

Coordinate Converter (convert between Lat long and MGRS, GARS, Projected Coordinates,etc)

Map Displays Country Boundary

Map Can optionally display raster basemaps, satellite imagery, shaded relief, Hillshade and Contour Lines


Support for user loaded geojson vector data and Raster tiles in mbtiles and gpkg (3857)

Support for offline PDF documents and user loaded documents


Optional internet enabled features:

Search for Places and Addresses with MapBox and OSM Search

Raster  basemaps tile servers

MapBox Turn by Turn Directions with Audio Prompts