Talking Map App

Powerful and fast mapping engine

supports loading user data on the map  (via itunes filesharing or icloud)
GeoJSON vector data (with built-in converter to convert SHP, KML, GPKG) and Raster Tiles in mbtiles/gpkg.

includes worldwide GeoNames Database with audio recordings of the pronunciations in English.

and Elevation, What3Words, PlaceCodes added to each record.

We are selling custom versions of this app
White Labeled Solutions and even selling source code

Native iOS app with NGA Foreign GeoNames Database

Available for each Country with Offline data

GeoNames Database

  • Toggle buttons for filtering by Feature Class
  • Filter by Feature Designated Code
  • Filter by Font Code
  • Text Search for GeoNames Name Field
  • Enable other search parameters (optional)
  • Search by ID Type
  • Find all GeoNames in MGRS, PlaceCode, What3Words

Offline Map

Open Street Map Vector Tiles with Several Styles including support for hillshade raster tiles and contour lines vector tiles

Open Street Map Place Name and GeoCoding

Geocoding and OpenStreetMap Search (place names)

  • Opening nomination search input
  • Search text input
  • Result options. When you click options you can show point or polygon of area

View Coordinates and Go To Coorindates

This allows you to easily compare two maps by dragging the control left or right

1 – Showing center map coordinates in multiple formats:

  • latitude longitude
  • MGRS – Military Grid Reference System
  • PlusCode/OpenLocationCode
  • What3Words – *Requires Internet
  • XY

2 – Showing coordinate element on the map ( right top. If you don’t want to show coordinates you can toggle this feature off)

3 – Saving settings


1 – From the GeoNames popup you can add a bookmark
2 – Bookmarks can be managed from this screen.
3 – Go to the bookmark, Delete the bookmark, Export the bookmark to GeoJSON format.

Measure Linear and Area

1 – if you want to draw again when finish before drawing

2 – Unit types but for meters and area, kilometers, meters, yards, inch, mile etc etc

3 – is color of measure feature

4 – this is measure tool

Data Downloading

Required Files: There is NO option to select these by default these will be downloaded when you click download.

Optional Files: You have to Manually Select these files for them to be downloaded.


There are PDF documents created from websites.

Optional offline documents from

  • State Department Country Travel information and Advisories
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Wikipedia Page

Optional to add your own documents.

Supports loading user PDF documents.

Special Map Features

Attribute table/Grid of GeoNames

View Attribute table/Grid of GeoNames

Offline Layer Management

This control works with both the default internet connected vector tile Open Street Map basemap (from OpenMapTiles hosted by Tech Maven Geospatial) as well as the optional offline data.


From the GeoNames popup you can add a bookmark

Bookmarks can be managed from this screen. Go to the bookmark, Delete the bookmark, Export the bookmark to GeoJSON format.

Vector Tile Open Street Map Styles Picker

The app includes support for the following Styles – Bright, Toner, Positron, Dark Matter, Klokantech, Klokantech3D. And 3 styles for use with other basemaps below the OSM vector tiles so those styles have Opactity settings/transpareny for the polygons (Bright, Dark Matter, and Klokantech)
Note: there is a toggle to turn off the OSM Basemap.

Go to Coordinates

Latitude Longitude,MGRS Or,What3Words

MapBox Search/GeoCoding/Places

Search uses MapBox API/Places and enables Geocoding Addresses or Place Searches. In Address Mode( Google) Requires Internet

Measure linear and area

It can calculate point, line and area, and delete all measure features.


You can do a text search, filter by Feature Class and Feature Designated Code

Enable GeoLocation

Show Location on the Map
Move the Map to your location

Map Scale

Both a scale bar in Metric (M or KM) and traditional Map Scale 1:500,000 or 1:50,000 is included as to optionally toggle on.


In popup ,that feature displays on the map and you can also download geojson of that feature and also finding bearing another feature,finding distance to another feature or point and also  add to spatial bookmarks . You can also listen about geoname information with deleting from information list but not from map

Raster Tile Basemap Picker

The App includes Basemaps from many popular Providers some Free and some commercial.

Country Map Data Explorer

We have equivalent app on Google/Apple/Microsoft Called Country Map Data Explorer.

Need Offline Map Data

Talking Map App is the right choice

It’s designed for disconnected limited availability environment with offline map data and databases.

Any Government Personnel stationed overseas, Any Citizen or Traveler to that Country can use this App.

We are developing versions for most deployed areas where US Service Personnel

Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Israel, South Korea, Eritrea, Somolia, Djibouti

We make custom versions contact us to learn more