Welcome to Tech Maven Geospatial

We build mobile & desktop mapping apps, mapping web applications and portals and geospatial data content management systems, we are experts in spatial data processing and conversion/translation/optimization, map tiling, desktop and web application development, consulting and support services, photogrammetry and remote sensing and much more. Our team of experts are truly innovative and creative in their abilities to solve problems and design with usability and user experience in mind.

GIS Software Development

Full Stack Development (Serverside and Client side code for Web, Desktop, Mobile).We write in most common languages (Python, Django, JavaScript, C#, C++, PHP and others).

We can develop Plugins for QGIS Desktop and custom UI and forms with QT.

We perform IT systems Analysis,IT Project Management, Testing and Coordination Services

Consulting Services

Feasibility Analysis

R&D Reports

Recommend Solutions

How to integrate Geospatial Data Services into enterprise systems

Project Management and Business/Systems Analysis

Mobile GIS Development

We build both native (Swift and Java/Kotlin) and Cross-Platform iOS, Android, and Windows Store UWP Mobile Applications  (we use Flutter and Apache Cordova)

with advanced Geospatial Data Visualization, GNSS/Location Services, and sensor integration

Access to web services and local files, in-app data processing, and calculations

GeoSpatial Services

Full Service Geospatial Services

Cartographic Map Production, Layout,

Map Books and data driven production

Spatial Analysis operations


Heads-up digitizing and editing

Attribute manipulation, Field Calculator, Join and Relate tables

Map Geo-referencing and georectification

Map Tiling Services

Vector Tiles and vector data preprocessing, concatenation, normalization from databases to vector tiles or shapefiles and filegeodatabase

Advanced Raster Tiling and Image Processing/Manipulation

Terrain Tiles

We have pre-cached data ready for limited or disconnected offline environements

Map Portals & Web Mapping Apps

We build advanced Mapping Applications

using JavaScript Mapping Libraries

like Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapBox GL JS,

Cesium/Terriajs, iTowns/ThreeJS and ArcGIS API for JavaScript



GeoSpatial Content Management Services

Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC has a proven track record of developing outstanding Geospatial Web Services
experience with platforms like GeoNode/GeoShape
with GeoNetwork for metadata discovery, publishing, and search



Elevation/ Terrain Data Experts

DTM/DSM Fusion with Imagery

3D Fly throughs

build complex 3D Modeling

create Contours and Ridgelines

Advanced Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Earth Observation (EO) Imagery Processing/Analysis

Digital Orthophoto Mosaics, Pan Sharpening

NVDI and NDW Imagery Products and others

Raster to Vector – object and feature detection/extraction

Supervised and Unsupervised Classification

Serving data quickly to map portals


Specialized Automated Workflows

We develop advanced/complex scripts to automate workflows calling utilities and tools write in Windows batch & PowerShell, Linux bash, python,
Global Mapper Scripts GMS, ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, QGIS, FME Safe Software, GDAL, OTB, OSSIM, SQLite3 and others

Spatial Analysis

We build complex models and perform complex spatial temporal analysis on big data

We can help you make informed decisions and provide actionable information in a timely manner

Our analysis is performed on optimized hardware with 32 cores CPU, advanced CUDA Core and 12gb Video/Graphics RAM, 128gb RAM

we can also setup Browser based and Server based analysis and in app analysis

Integration Services

Integrate Mapping and geospatial databases into your systems

We build SDK’s and API’s to integrate spatial data processing and display and advanced visualization

Tech Maven Geospatial

Tech Maven Geospatial is a small agile full service GIS-IT Services firm with many unique specialties.

We sell Geospatial/Mapping Software as a Service Web Applications, Mobile Apps and Desktop apps

We would love to offer you our consulting and development and data management/creation experience to your project.

Full Geospatial Services

Geospatial Information Technologies

GIS Mapping – Digitizing, Georeferencing, Geocoding, derivative data products
Cartographic Map Design /Map making (advanced labeling, styling, scale dependencies, etc)
Data creation and editing
Advanced Raster and Vector Processing and Automation.
map tiling (raster, vector, terrain/elevation) for web and mobile
Data Processing/Conversion and Geospatial ETL
Field Data Collection Systems
Subject Matter Experts

GeoServer, MapGuide or MapServer for OCG Mapping Services (WMS,WFS, WCS, WPS, Tiles-WMTS/TMS) paired with GeoWebCache for performance, MapProxy to translate data to other formats and projections as required, Raster and Vector Tile Servers.

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Advanced Imagery Analysis, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Services

Making informed decisions based on Earth Observation Satellite Data, LiDAR, SAR, Aerial Photography, Drone Data Collection.

Mapping and Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Cartographic Quality Map Production, MapBooks, GeoPDF’s

Advanced Data Conversion and Optimization

Map Portals

 Development of rich immersive internet mapping solutions that are mobile optimized and provide advanced tools and user interaction features.

We primarily leverage Free and Open Source Mapping Libraries like: Leafletjs, OpenLayers, MapBox GL JS, ESRI ArcGIS for JavaScript, Cesiumjs, Terriajs and others.

Back-end Spatial Databases: POSTGIS/PostgreSQL, SQL Server Spatial, Oracle Spatial,MySQL Spatial, GPKG, Spatialite, GeoCouch, GeoPouch.

GeoServer, MapGuide or MapServer for OCG Mapping Services (WMS,WFS, WCS, WPS, Tiles-WMTS/TMS) paired with GeoWebCache for performance, MapProxy to translate data to other formats and projections as required, Raster and Vector Tile Servers.

Technology Services

IT Services

Business/Systems and Data Analysis
IT Project Management
Full Stack Development and implementation services.
Whitepapers, R&D, Reports, Consulting Services
Mobile Geospatial Data Viewing/Collection/Analysis App Development
Geospatial Integration into Enterprise Systems and Document Management Systems
Database design, data transformation, conversion (POSTGIS, Mobile – GPKG/Spatialite/SQLite)
Data analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence

Location/Mapping Integration with Enterprise Systems

Integration with Mapping and GIS into Enterprise Systems

ERP, CRM, Project & Work Management, EAM -Real Property (Land) and Facility Asset Management

Spatially enable your Document Management System