Export high quality maps from vector tile basemaps

Rapidly build Maps

Select Stylesheets of vector tile basemaps and satellite imagery from MapBox and OpenMapTiles/TileHosting

Create an export for use in offline mapping app georeferenced PNG or high DPI PDF



Coming Soon…Add annotations to map


Overlay Vector Data

Coming soon…. Overlay GeoJSON data


Uses MapBox API for Places and Geocoding


Coming Soon…Digitize and Draw features

Share Maps

Offline Operations

Coming Soon… Add local tile layers

Easily Export High Quality Maps

Select Output

  • Size, 
  • Format
  • DPI

Quickly Share Exported Maps

Share with native ios and android means

  • PNG with our without georeferencing sidecar files (PGW and PRJ)
  • PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I draw, label, Annotate?
We had planned these features for verison 1.0.0 but were were unable to deliver. However, they are planned
Can I overlay my own vector data?
Coming soon we will enable you to load geojson, kml, gpx, csv, wkt, gpkg vector features and ESRI shapefiles
What is map projection?
The Spatial Reference System for the Map is ESPG:3857 Auxillary Web Sphere/Google Spherical Web Mercator
Can I export map series/books
We have plans to add these features
Can I load my own mbtiles/gpkg tiles?
The app does have an integrated tile server for serving local offline mbtiles and gpkg raster tiles, vector tiles. In future releases of the app we will expose this feature and allow you to add to the map
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